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Hello Everyone! We have uploaded November 2019 Question Papers along with their Mark Scheme and Grade Thresholds for AS & A Level, IGCSE/O Level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Examiner Reports are published on O/A Level Resources in Mid September and February each year.

The Question papers, Mark Scheme and Grade thresholds are published on our website right after the CAIE results are published. If any file is missing, please contact us.

Your subject might not have been uploaded or would have been in our archives. Please contact us using the Contact us Tab

The Example Candidate Response Booklets are NOT available for all the subjects. CAIE tends to publish the candidate responses if there is any change in the syllabus or paper pattern. Hence, if the response booklets are available of the particular subject we shall upload it on our website.

The specimen papers are only published by Cambridge when there is a change in the syllabus or in the paper pattern. If there is an update regarding the change in the paper pattern and syllabus we shall upload that in our website.

CAIE only conducts the March session in India for IGCSE and A Level. Hence, no exams for O level are conducted.

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